2nd XI match reports from 14/5 and 21/5

2nd XI match reports from 14/5 and 21/5

15 Jun 2022

Hampton Hill lost by 43 runs to Trinity Mid-Whitgiftian CC 14th May

With skipper Porter and vice captain JC away this weekend, Tom Coates was handed the
opportunity to lead the mighty 2’s. On arrival at the ground and inspection of the pitch the stand
in skipper had decided that his side was going to have a bowl. The 2s got off to a good start with
both openers (Murton and TC) taking a wicket each in their opening spell. The Hill then allowed
the oppo back into the game after dropping a few catches taking them from 30-2 to 123-3, with
the break through coming from Harry Coates. Fortunately the run rate had been kept down from
tight bowling of veterans Jimmy Everett and Ian Exworth. From the 34th to the 40th over the
opposition picked up by the run rate and a high score threatened, but a tactical masterclass by
TC to bring opener murton back on worked fantastically as he took a wicket in his first over
back. The final 10 overs went for a miserly 43 runs due to fantastic fast bowling of Ollie Fallows
and turn and burn from Harry Coates. The opposition finished their innings 219-9, Harry Coates
taking 3, Fallows and Murton 2 each and 1 for T Coates. Notable mention to go to Lewis Cole
on his debut in the 2’s taking 2 good catches and only conceding 1 bye.
The 2’s had mixed feelings on the tea provided but general consensus was summed up by
Robbie Coates, “good substance but not enough depth”. A lack in quantity available meant that
portions were rather on the small side.

Harry Coates walked out to the middle with a new partner this week in Adam Oliver, they both
got off to a good start. Harry was the first to go from a good ball that seemed to keep a little low.
Adam followed shortly after, where he seemingly forgot that there was a packed cordon as he
guided a ball directly into second slips hands. Robbie Coates got off to a good start and seemed
to be showing his sunday form on a saturday which is always a delight to see. Unfortunately his
luck ran out when he too got a ball that also kept on the low side. Gomez was batting with
confidence, patiently working the singles and finding the gaps, then when the bad ball came
putting them across the ropes. Less could be said for T Coates who was struggling but surviving
at the other end. After a few tight overs it was decided unknowingly to Gomez that a BBQ was
on its way. A few balls later Gomez pushed one to long off and Coates decided that a 2 was on
the cards, as Coates ran back to the danger end a canon was unleashed from long off that flow
over Coates and Gomez to the keeper in time to remove the bails before Gomez had crossed
the line. Gomez walked off the pitch with a very well fought 44. Things then went from bad to
worse as Chris Webb came to the crease and unfortunately dragged his first ball onto the
stumps. Exworth in, a 30 run partnership looks like there was still hope for the Hill but this was
not to last as the veteran fell for 13. Mike Murton failed to add to the score as he showed the
wrong type of leave which allowed the ball to clatter into his off stump. Coates finally departed
the pitch after a fallows smashed a ball straight back at the bowler who was able to quickly
remove the bails at the non strikers end, Coates gone for 40. Fallows valiantly continued the
chase with a big maximum but both him and everett fell to leave Lewis stranded and the Hill 44
runs short.

Not the result the 2’s were looking for but a good wake up call for them, this season will not be
like last, they will have to work hard for their victories.

Player of the match goes to Lewis Cole, a fantastic debut where he showed his class with the
gloves and was constantly vocal in support of the bowlers.

**** of the Day also goes to Lewis Cole as he decided just as everett was coming in to bowl
was the right time to answer the question Fallows had asked him 20 seconds prior.

Nominations for DotD: Gomez for missing the first over.
TC: BBQing Gomez.
Fallows: Steaming in from long on for a catch and the ball subsequently going for a 4 over his

Hampton Hill beat Kingstonian by 6 wickets 21st May

Hampton Hill play Kingstonian approximately 30 times each season so there are many old
scores to settle, in fact this was already the 3rd meeting between the two clubs this season!

The aggregate score pre match was Hampton Hill 272-15 vs Kingstonian 357-18, with one
win each… so all to play for.

Kingstonian came into the match in buoyant mood, they were top of the league with two wins
from two and this shone through there charismatic skipper. At the toss the Kingstonian
leader mocked the length of the Hill’s square boundary by stating to Ports that he could
easily clear the club house. He was so eager to do this that he won the toss and chose to
bat first. This seemed like a strange decision on a moist green top and this proved the case
as the Hill quickly got into their work. First to go was the Kingstonian skipper who instead of
clearing the pavilion could only edge Murton to Harry Coates at slip. This delighted the team,
mainly because most of the team had backed HC as their fantasy captain! No one had
Murts, but he did make himself cost £13million. The Kingstonian captain can also attribute
his downfall to two losses in concentration. Firstly the fact that his mates scoring had cruelly
denied him a run on the scoreboard, but also as he was director of a hopefully high class
YouTube video. Don’t forget to like and subscribe in order to see him clear clubhouses
Surrey wide this season!

Wickets continued to fall at regular intervals with both Murts and Evs bowling their full 10
straight up. Murton taking 3 wickets and Everett 2. The openers were followed by the Coates
brothers, TC just bowling 2 overs before asking to take himself off as a selfless act in order
to get Joe Ayley into the attack, even more of a strange decision as TC had captained
himself in fantasy! The spin twins then bowled beautifully with the world’s most aggressive
spinner taking 3 wickets and the world’s most zen taking 1. The final wicket fell to a run out
(the most noble of all dismissals). Kingstonian all out for 93. An all round too bowling and
fielding performance from the Hill, especially given the 6 drops the week before.

In reply the Hill had to navigate 10 overs before the nugs and pizza were ready and did so
with calm ease. Well calm from Adam “The Wall” Oliver and rather angrily from HC. Tea
enjoyed (although not the malteser cake bar which was deemed “too sweet”) the Hill’s
openers carried on their steady way. An opening partnership of 37 eased any nerves in the
changing room and quietened the oppo. The fall of Harry brought in the oldest Coates on
show, Duffle, he and AO continued blocking and boring Kingstonian up until 72-1 when AO
departed playing the pull shot. Such aggression from the Treb is rare and this writer thinks
he should return to his trusty late dab through 3rd slip. A fine 81 ball 27 nonetheless. The
club’s form batsmen Nigel Harman had a rare off day falling for a duck and Mitch also just
lasted 2 balls leaving the Hill wobbling on 79-4. Mitchell’s short innings was completely
uneventful and no one can be blamed for his demise. In fact, Mitch should ask himself,
should he have competed in a triathlon on the morning of a match? Could he have turned
quicker if he didn’t have a few hours of intensive exercise in his legs? This writer certainly
thinks so, priorities Mitch, priorities. Ports then came into the middle and calmly counted to 6
before nocking a single, making sure that R. Coates could not show the crowd more of his
legendary loud and precise calling.

The Hill won 4 down with 15 overs to spare. An excellent result to kick start our season. Next
stop Egham away! I for one am buzzing! Another chance for 20 points and more importantly
a chance to sample the best tea in Surrey!
Up the Hill